Spanish startup expands services in PH, launches app

Spanish startup Mr Jeff is expanding its laundry service franchises across Asia through the help of its newly launched app. The company also decided to rebrand simply as “Jeff.”

Mr Jeff sold 60 franchises in the Philippines since it arrived in the Philippines a few weeks ago. Mr. Jeff laundry hubs are already operational in Muntinlupa, Las Piñas, Fairview and Congressional Avenue Quezon City. Eight more are expected to open in Paranaque, Muntinlupa, Pasig, Manila, Taguig, and Sta. Rosa by December this year.

By using the app or website, customers can choose the exact location, time, and day of pick up and the laundry will be delivered back in two days.

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Mr Jeff announced the change of the corporate brand name to Jeff incorporating new verticals to become a multiservice platform offering users everything they need. This will be available through the platform which will bring the different care and wellness services together under the banner, “The Good, Good Life”, and will place the day-to-day needs of customers at their disposal.

“Our objective from Day One has been to add value to the customer and we believe that we can do it by offering them allied services they may need,” said Eloi Gómez, CEO and co-founder of Jeff.

The other vertical being developed is dedicated to personal care, which was announced in June under the name Beauty Jeff, which opened its first salon in Argentina on Oct. 30. Jeff announces its fitness services, Fit Jeff. Both verticals will be launched in November in the Philippines.

Each of the verticals will be included within Jeff but will also have their separate brand name and entity. The laundry and dry cleaning home delivery service will continue to be called Mr Jeff.

Jeff aims to sell more than 150 franchises by the end of the year in other parts of Asia.

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