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Arts and tech school CIIT expands programs with new business courses

CIIT College of Arts and Technology (CIIT), focused mainly on technical education and multimedia courses, is now offering entrepreneurship and business management programs.

CIIT’s The Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship and Senior High School Accounting, Business, and Management Strand courses hopes to produce business innovators and technology entrepreneurs given the growing startup ecosystem in the country. 

“CIIT now has an ecosystem of innovators and creators who can make the ideas of its students a reality, much like how Silicon Valley fosters great talents,” said Sherwin O, president of CIIT.

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Founded in 2008 by Elson Niel Dagondon, CIIT has gained recognition as one of the premier creative technology schools in the country. 

With students ages 16-32 in mind, CIIT is adding digital platforms and business-level tools to allow students to turn their ideas into real startups.

“We believe that innovation through the use of technology allows us to close the (skills) gap (in the IT industry) much faster and grow much faster,” O said. “We want to equip our organizations as well as Filipinos with this knowledge and skills which will allow us to be at par with international organizations. We believe that technology is a great equalizer, which the pandemic has proved to us.”

Mac Lab for students

CIIT maintains computer laboratories, including a Mac laboratory, on its campus in Quezon City. During the pandemic, the college equipped the students with high-performing computers and also automated all administrative transactions so that the disruption in their learning process was minimized.

“We not only teach our students theories or concepts like marketing, operations, human resource, finance, or accounting, but we also teach them how to optimize business tasks through various applications used by organizations worldwide,” O said. This enables them to execute their ideas immediately.”

As a tech-driven education institution, CIIT has been forging long-term partnerships with top IT solutions providers such as Adobe to provide students with the most advanced digital tools.

To help them get ready to solve real-world problems, CIIT utilizes programs or services its students have developed — and pays them, accordingly.


For some of its programs, CIIT’s tuition ranges from P119,000 to P132,000 a year, and this already includes the laboratory and miscellaneous fees. CIIT also offers scholarships and flexible tuition arrangements.

Incoming or new students who graduated with honors from Senior High School can avail of its Interweave Scholarship program, while the Top 50 successful applicants of the CIIT College Admissions Test are offered the Future CIITzen Scholarship Grant. Students in good standing but with limited resources can avail themselves of CIIT Financial Aid.

“Our courses are designed to harness the potential of technology and help our students develop the necessary skills to succeed in the digital age. We are ensuring them to be well-rounded and able to adapt to the ever-changing business landscape so they could change how businesses can be done in the country in the future,” O said.