NTT’s IoT services help companies achieve sustainability goals

NTT Ltd., a global technology and business solutions provider, has made available its Internet of Things (IoT) Services for Sustainability solutions. The new end-to-end stack of solutions promises to help businesses advance progress against global sustainability initiatives and make data-driven decisions to reduce their carbon footprint through the intelligent use of IoT connectivity.

“IoT technologies are an essential tool in the global fight against climate change,” said Jeff Merritt, head of Urban Transformation at the World Economic Forum. “We know what actions are needed to build a more sustainable future and have a robust suite of technologies available to help deliver this impact. As the world looks to accelerate the implementation of these solutions, organizations like NTT will have a critical role to play in helping companies and governments capitalize on this opportunity.”

NTT developed the OCR meter reading, an optical-based meter reader to provide near real-time data from any type of meter including water, electricity, and gas. The meter can also be used to read any type of gauge including pressure and temperature.

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The water leak management feature provides real-time, IoT-enabled protection against water damage for smart spaces projects.

Predictive maintenance collects data from sensors to create models that predict when events of interest might occur, including potential downtime, accidents, or when something might need to be replaced.

Environmental monitoring uses sensors to identify the presence of pollutants in the air and water as well as tracking temperature and humidity.


“Many companies and organizations in the Philippines are looking for ways to operate and do business in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way,” said John Patrick Vicente, Head of GTM Sales, NTT Ltd., Philippines. “As these companies become more conscious of how they impact their surroundings, they can guarantee that NTT will be there to provide the support they need in taking a step towards a green economy,”

NTT’s IoT Services for Sustainability stack incorporates a secure IT/OT integration and end-to-end support. This helps organizations to quickly see the benefits of the technology across the entire business following deployment. Benefits include energy cost savings, faster reduction in emissions, advanced operational excellence, and better work enablement across the organization. The stack of solutions is also supported by NTT’s new LoRaWAN network, and its catalog of sensors to measure, monitor, and collect data to drive sustainability objectives.

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