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PH community to host webinar on quantum computing

OneQuantum Philippines will host “Reinvent your Careers with Quantum Computing” online on June 3, 2002, at 7 p.m.

John Barnes, founder of Entangled Positions, will be the speaker. Asher Manangan and Bobby Corpus, both of OneQuantum Philippines, will be the moderators.

Quantum computing will impact the future of every area in Academia and Industry, so the need for a quantum-capable workforce is great. Join us for a career session in Quantum Computing, with John Barnes, founder of Entangled Positions and President of OneQuantum UK, and learn how to reinvent your careers and take exciting opportunities in this field.

John Barnes is a recruiter, headhunter, and community builder. Having founded Entangled Positions, and previously Profecta Associates, he is also President of OneQuantum UK and OneQuantum Europe, Special Advisor for Workforce and Talent to the Quantum Strategy Institute, and host of the Entangled Discussions podcast.

Deconstructing Quantum Computing

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OneQuantum Philippines is a local chapter of the OneQuantum global community. It aims to make the Philippines a quantum-ready nation by educating students at an early age so it would be easy for them to acquire quantum computing skills. For more information, visit OneQuantum Philippines website.