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PLDT Home launches prepaid data packs for e-learning at home

PLDT Home introduces the all-new Home Wifi Prepaid FamLoads families can use for the children’s online learning.

FamLoad Study packages have bigger data allowances for online classes and access to learning sites and apps.

As this year’s back-to-school signals the start of the distance learning curriculum, many students need a strong internet connection for their home-school setup. PLDT Home WiFi brings two new data packages: FamLoad Study 599 and FamLoad Study 999 that are tailor-fitted to the students’ e-learning needs.

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The FamLoad Study 599 offers 3GB data every day for 15 days that can be used to access top learning sites and apps including Microsoft 365 tools, Gabay Guro App, Canvas, and NEO. These modern learning platforms are being used by local and international schools and give students and teachers an advanced online learning experience. The FamLoad Study 599 also provides 12GB open access data for other online activities such as chatting with classmates, consulting with teachers, and researching and brainstorming for projects.

The FamLoad Study 999 is perfect for those who need bigger data for heavy-data online activities such as video classes and conference calls, and the convenience of having enough data that can be used for up to one month. It offers 90GB data or 3GB every day good for 30 days that students can use to access their online learning platforms. FamLoad Study 999 also has 24GB open access that can be used for other study needs such as emails, social media, online research, messaging apps, and more.

For only P995, customers will have their own unit that comes with free 10GB of data valid for seven days. They can opt to reload with other FamLoad packages such as FamLoad Video 199 with 19GB and Video Plus 199 with 28GB valid for seven days, FamLoad Video 599 with 55GB and FamLoad Video Plus 599 with 60GB valid for 15 days, FamLoad Video 999 with 100GB data and FamLoad Video Plus 999 with 120GB data for 30 days, and FamLoad Video 1499 with 130GB and FamLoad Video Plus 1499 with 180GB valid for 30 days.

PLDT Home Wifi Prepaid units are powered by Smart LTE.