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6 portable tech devices you can bring to your rented condo

With rental properties becoming in demand once again, as a renter, you’ll find various condominiums for rent that are suitable for your dynamic lifestyle. Some are located in prime investment hubs, making it easier for you to access your office and establishments that offer all sorts of amenities and services. Other condo units are designed to make your work-from-home experience more conducive and productive. These units have Wi-Fi connectivity and a home office prepared for renters to have smooth Zoom meetings and overall work process.

Since condos have limited space compared to houses, you must consider the stuff you’ll bring into your new home. You’ve probably curated furniture pieces that are minimalist in style and compact for your unit. For tech devices, here are six portable ones you can take with you.

  1. Multipurpose Cooker
    The rice cooker is perhaps one of the essential appliances in modern homes. However, multipurpose cookers are now available in the market to cater to your cooking needs. These hi-tech machines don’t just cook rice perfectly but can also steam, broil, tenderize, and fry. With just one cooker, you can make many dishes without burning yourself and wasting food.

Multipurpose cookers are also easy to clean and put away. They may look big at first glance, but they are compact enough for cozy kitchen counters such as those in rental condos in Metro Manila. If you’re thinking of an efficient way to cook in your new condo, it is wise to get a multipurpose cooker.

  1. Bullet Blender
    Another compact device you can bring to your condo is a bullet blender. Not only is it smaller than the conventional blender, but the bullet-shaped ones come with vessels of different sizes and can be used as a mug for your morning smoothie. People living in condominiums in townships such as Eastwood City in Quezon City or Bonifacio Global City in Taguig may use their bullet blenders to create workout shakes that they can bring for jogging sessions or while riding their bicycles.

Some bullet blenders are also suitable for blending ingredients for soups. You can make healthy dishes that will boost your health while working and having leisure time in your cozy home.

  1. Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
    Most vacuum cleaners are bulky and can take a lot of closet space. But thanks to technological advancements, robotic vacuum cleaners are now portable and compact, making them perfect for condominiums and smaller houses. They usually have cylindrical shapes, which is why they can fit under your furniture pieces or in your closet without occupying too much room. Robotic vacuum cleaners are also easily controlled via a smartphone app. Just tap on a few buttons on your screen and watch your mini cleaner suck all the dust and dirt off your floors.

Robotic vacuums don’t just save space and keep your unit clean while you work on something else. These devices have UV light sensors that eliminate bacteria and viruses on your floors. As such, robotic vacuum cleaners are perfect for condo residents who are pet owners, those with allergies, and those who go out frequently. Since new coronavirus variants are emerging, robotic vacuum cleaners are ideal for eliminating all the pathogens you might bring home with you. Plus, if you have pets, it can be fun to watch them chase after the device or ride on it while you clean your home.

  1. Grow Light
    Love plants but don’t have enough shade for them to grow? Don’t fret. Grow lights are sleek devices that mimic the effect of natural sunlight. Due to their size, they are excellent for indoor use and plant parents who don’t have garden or balcony space to hold all their plants. Arrange your plants in a way that will allow your grow light to illuminate all of them. You’ll have happy and healthy plants even if you don’t have enough sunlight or during gloomy rainy days.
  1. Air Fryer
    Air fryers are trendy cooking devices that swept across the world in 2020. These new devices are essentially an amped-up convection oven that is portable and perfect for kitchen countertops. The magic behind air fryers is their ability to deep fry all kinds of foods — nuggets, French fries, potato wedges, and fried chicken, among others — without the use of oil. Talk about delicious fried foods without the guilt of eating excess grease and cholesterol.
  1. Steam Iron
    Flat irons have come a long way since their first incarnations as coal- and gas-powered devices. From being heavy slabs of iron to becoming lightweight, advanced appliances that keep our clothes crisp and wrinkle-free, clothes irons are essential for any household.

However, they can be pretty bulky since they need to be accompanied by an ironing board. As a result, steam irons are portable alternatives to conventional flat irons. They are smaller, lighter, and have a container that converts water into steam. Like clothes irons, steam irons also have a metal plate at the bottom to smoothen any crease or wrinkle on your clothing.

The best part is perhaps not having to lay your items flat on a surface to use them. Just hang your clothes on a coat rack or hook and use the steam iron to get rid of the unsightly folds! It is best to slightly pull on the fabric while you run your steam iron on it to help get rid of the creases faster.

Electronic devices such as these six are compact and excellent for making condo living more efficient and comfortable. Make a list of the products you’ll need to bring to your new rented condo and see if you can get any of these six appliances.