Acer Academy provides immersive learning using VR, MR

Emerging technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) have been utilized in the entertainment and industrial sectors. Technology company Acer decides to maximize their use in education to enable teachers to share educational content and make learning more immersive than before.

In the Acer Academy Summit held recently, the company discussed the potential of immersive learning through VR and MR. In the context of classrooms, VR takes students’ learning to a more imaginative setting. MR, on the other hand, lets them process information while interacting with VR and augmented realities.

Carren Garcia, senior manager for Commercial Sales at Acer said that it is the company’s mission to help not just schools but also other organizations in their digital and technological education efforts through Acer Academy.

With the Acer Windows Mixed Reality Solutions, students use a headset, a compatible Windows PC, and advanced motion controllers to get an immersive experience that need not be expensive and complicated. MR creates realistic scenarios while projecting a simulated environment that defies geographic barriers. Without leaving the four walls of the classroom, students can see new environments and grasp knowledge through immersive learning.

“Immersive learning could only be possible through the guidance of someone who understands how to maximize technology available to them,” said Manuel Wong, managing director of Acer Philippines, in a media release. “This is why it’s important to integrate MR solutions with our educational system to help educators understand how using VR and MR can make learning more fun and engaging for their students.”

Acer Academy has over 130 partner-schools around the country, providing schools with tools in adapting digital classrooms with innovative means. By digitizing teaching tools such as online syllabi, web-based worksheets and modules, and electronically programmed learning activities. It helps educators adapt effective teaching methods as well as make learning fun for students.

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