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AMA Education System to start school year in June, shifts to full online setup

AMA Education System (AMAES) announced that schools under its network will, as usual, start their school year in June. Classes, however, will follow a full-online learning approach.

This move is in response to the Department of Education and the Commission on Higher Education’s call for schools to assure the availability of public education in the midst of current community lockdowns. Through this set-up, AMAES students will be able to continue their studies from the safety of their homes.

In a briefing on May 11, DepEd said private schools may start the school year as early as June but no classes may be held in physical classrooms earlier than August 24. Schools have been closed since March to protect school children and personnel from the threat of COVID-19.

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AMAES believes this shift is the solution to address the immediate need for educational continuity. AMAES is highly experienced in providing alternative study methods such as Blended Learning and full-online degrees and various courses through AMA Online Education (AMA OEd).

The full-online program will be offered by the following schools: AMA University and Colleges, ABE International Business College, ACLC and ACLC College, St. Augustine School of Nursing, Sta. Veronica College–La Union, South Luzon College-Cavite, and AMA Basic Education.

Full online

AMAES will implement the full-online approach until institutions are allowed to conduct physical classes. When that happens, the schools will revert to a Blended Learning system, which requires students to be physically present in schools three days a week, with the other school days reserved for online modules. This program is open to both current and new students.

Interested students need to pre-register through the AMAES website, Once qualified, students can then enroll in Senior High School, and Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Business, Communication, Engineering, and Information Technology-based college courses.

To learn more about this full-online program from AMAES, visit