Amazon exposes user data due to ‘technical error’ ahead of Black Friday

Amazon users received an email informing them that their names and emails have been exposed days before the Black Friday sale. The e-commerce giant did not divulge any more information such as the extent and cause of the damage as well as the number of affected customers.

In the same email notice, Amazon assured customers that the company has already fixed the error and that there is no need for them to do reset their passwords.

Twitter users are suspicious of the glaring signature of “” instead of “https,” which is the sign that the website is secure.

The lack of transparency led everyone to speculate and draw their own conclusions on whether this is a data breach or as Security Week said: “The incident may be related to the firing of an employee last month for sharing customer email addresses.”

Early reports said a former Amazon employee was fired from the job for giving out customers’ email addresses to a third-party seller.”

Others believe this is a data breach and warns of possible phishing attacks or cybercriminals resetting user accounts.

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