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Amazon introduces the ‘all-new’ Echo family

Amazon introduced its all-new line-up of Echo devices, featuring completely new designs and a promise of enhanced audio.

Next-generation Echo combines the features of Echo and Echo Plus into a single device. The bright LED light ring at the base of the sphere reflects off of surfaces for added visibility. The 3.0-inch woofer, dual-firing tweeters, and Dolby processing promise to deliver stereo sound with clear highs, dynamic-mids, and deep bass.

“These are the best Echo devices we have ever made,” said Tom Taylor, SVP, Amazon Alexa. “Echo and Echo Dot look beautiful and sound even better, and Echo Show 10 completely reimagines Alexa with a screen —the display moves with you, staying in view as you move around. It’s as natural as having a conversation. Plus, Alexa continues to get smarter — just ask to watch Netflix, make group calls, join video meetings on Zoom, upgrade your smart home with Alexa Guard and Amazon Sidewalk, and much more.”

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The New Echo

For the first time, Echo comes with a built-in smart home hub, with support for Zigbee, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and Amazon Sidewalk. Amazon Sidewalk can help users set up new devices quickly, extend the working range of devices like Ring Smart. The new Echo is powered by Amazon’s first-generation AZ1 Neural Edge processor — an all-new silicon module that’s purpose-built for accelerating machine learning applications.

New Echo Dot & Echo Dot with clock

The all-new Echo Dot has the same spherical design and fabric finish as Echo. It’s compact with 1.6-inch, front-firing speaker. The new Echo Dot with clock comes with the same enhancements as the new Echo Dot, plus a simple LED display so users can glance at the time, temperature, timers, and alarms. AThe tap-to-snooze feature that customers love on Echo Dot with the clock will also be available on Echo Dot and Echo.

Echo Dot Kids Edition

The all-new Echo Dot Kids Edition builds on the new spherical design with fun, colorful Panda and Tiger prints. Alexa’s custom-built kids experience means kids can ask Alexa questions, set animal sound alarms, get help with homework, and call approved friends and family, with extensive controls that give parents peace of mind. Parents will also be able to create Alexa voice profiles for their kids, so Alexa automatically shifts to a kid’s profile when she recognizes a kid’s voice.

Echo Dot Kids Edition comes with a 1-year Amazon Kids+ subscription, giving families access to thousands of hours of kid-friendly Audible books, interactive games, and educational skills. Echo Dot Kids Edition also comes with a 2-year worry-free guarantee.

Echo Show 10

The all-new Echo Show 10 is a complete reimagination of Alexa with a screen and has been upgraded in every way. It features a 10-inch, adaptive HD display that automatically stays in view when users interact with Alexa. The new brushless motor is completely silent, meaning users won’t hear a thing as Echo Show 10 rotates.

Echo Show 10 uses advanced computer vision algorithms to help make the users’ home “smarter and more secure.” When Alexa Guard is in Away Mode, Echo Show 10 can periodically pan the room and will send you a Smart Alert if it detects someone in its field of view.