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Azul enhances cloud cost efficiency for PH businesses

Azul, a Java-focused company, makes Azul Platform Prime available for businesses in the Philippines. Considered to be the fastest and most efficient Java Virtual Machine (JVM) software, the Azul Platform Prime enables businesses to expand their cloud usage without encountering cost overruns and performance issues.

Azul Platform Prime accelerates Java performance by enabling more transactions from the same hardware, even under increased loads. This optimization results in consistent response times and reduced latency. Azul customers have saved an average of 50% on their cloud bills using Azul Platform Prime.

“By introducing Azul Platform Prime to the Philippines, we are not just providing a solution, we are providing a pathway for businesses to realize unparalleled efficiency and cost savings in their cloud journey,” said Scott Sellers, co-founder and CEO at Azul.  

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According to Statista, the Philippines’ public cloud market revenues are projected to surpass $1 billion in 2023 and reach nearly $2.28 billion in 2028. 

“While cloud computing offers benefits like on-demand capacity and automation, cost overruns remain a serious concern,” Azul said. 

Cloud services spending

In a 2021 study, Gartner found that organizations without cloud cost optimization plans overspent on cloud services by up to 70%.

“We are seeing increasing demand for Azul’s solutions as organizations across the region struggle with out-of-control Java support costs and their cloud costs continue to rise,” said Dean Vaughan, vice president of APAC, Azul. “

Azul’s solutions include Commercial Java Support, offering substantial savings compared to Oracle Java SE, Java Security through Azul Vulnerability Detection (AVD), and Java Code Maintenance with Azul Code Inventory.

Scott Sellers, co-founder and CEO at Azul, emphasized their commitment to empowering businesses to maximize their cloud investments through Java. He introduced Azul Platform Prime to the Philippines as a way for businesses to achieve unmatched efficiency and cost savings in their cloud journey.

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