Binance hosts “Women in Blockchain” Event in the Philippines to Empower Women in TechNews

Binance celebrates women in tech

Binance trained the spotlight on women who are making strides in the blockchain industry. The blockchain ecosystem and infrastructure provider celebrated gender equality at the event “Women in Blockchain” held recently.

Together with Yield Guild Games (YGG), a gaming guild focused on blockchain play-to-earn games, Binance empowered women to explore and make their mark on Web3. 

Female representatives in the Philippines’ Web3 space, such as Prayer Trairatvorakul, marketing director, Asia Pacific at Binance, and Mary Rose Magsaysay, Assistant Secretary of Cybercrime Investigation Coordinating Center (CICC), convened with other female community members to share insights, network, and discuss the opportunities that Web3 offers women globally.

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As an industry leader, Binance is on a mission to increase the freedom of money globally. A crucial part of this is bringing more diversity to the crypto ecosystem to ensure blockchain lives up to its full potential. Binance seeks to empower all crypto-curious women to become crypto-fluent through a range of ongoing initiatives and events and this “Women in Blockchain ” event is the first to be held in the Philippines. At the event, Kenneth Stern, General Manager of Binance in the Philippines, emphasized the importance of providing more support for the increasing number of women who are entering the Web3 space. He added, “As a company, representing women is a priority of ours and we have a female workforce that is higher than the industry average.”

Prayer Trairatvorakul, Binance’s Marketing Director, APAC, delivered an insightful keynote at the event and touched on how more women can enter the Web3 industry if companies encourage inclusivity, leverage existing networks to open doors, and create products specific for women. She revealed how shaping careers without gender preconceptions has succeeded for Binance, “A lot of people that I work with started out as interns and are now leading global teams. An advantage of working in the Web 3 sector is that there is lower bureaucracy, which allows people, regardless of their gender, to be able to progress in their career.”

Creating their own place in the Web3 industry

Other female speakers at the “Women in Blockchain” event also shared their experience working in Web3 and how they have been building their careers in this male-dominated space. Mary Rose E. Magsaysay, Assistant Secretary of the Cybercrime Investigation and Coordinating Center (CICC), highlighted the effectiveness of women in leadership roles: “When we talk about the government, some of the best managers are women since about 70 percent of managerial jobs are handled by women.” 

Myrtle Anne Ramos, serial entrepreneur and angel investor, encouraged women to find other women in the tech space and collaborate with them to make a difference. She shared that people should “create the world that you want to see. What we need to do is build that inclusive world that we’re creating for. Make a safe space for everyone and look for mentors.”

Kimberly Rocha-Delgado, Director of Galeria Paloma, advised women to seek out companies that value their strengths and make them allies in making space for other people to shine. “By raising awareness about these issues, we can work towards greater representation and equality,” she said. 

Een Mercado, gaming content creator and Yield Guild Games (YGG) ambassador, advised women to carve out their own space and pursue their own paths in the highly competitive gaming industry. “While it may be difficult to create content that hasn’t been done before, it’s important to keep trying and find a unique way to stand out. Ultimately, success in the gaming world comes from having fun and enjoying the competition, while also being persistent in pursuing one’s own goals,” Mercado said.

As part of Binance’s commitment to increasing female representation in Web3 and reducing the gender gap, the exchange has created its first formal internship and graduate programs, which offer more access to careers in crypto for diverse talent, including women. Binance also offers guidance and career advice to women through Binance Academy’s educational courses, female mentorship programs, and talent workshops to teach more women how to break into a career in Web3.

Technologists gather at the Binance Women in Blockchain to discuss the role of women in blockchain, web 3, cybersecurity, and NFT held at the Penthouse 8747, Makati City. From left to right: Myrtle Anne Ramos, Serial Entrepreneur and Angel Investor; Een Mercado, Gaming Content Creator and YGG Ambassador; Mary Rose E. Magsaysay, Assistant Secretary of Cybercrime Investigation Coordinating Center (CICC); Kimberly Rocha-Delgado, Entrepreneur and Director, Galeria Paloma; Prayer Trairatvorakul, Marketing Director, APAC at Binance; Celeste Rodriguez Digital Creator and event host; and Kenneth Stern, General Manager of Binance in the Philippines.