Boston Business School rebrands to offer new IT skills training courses

Singaporean brothers Lee Seng Chong, 25, and Lee Kian Chong, 28 recently acquired the Boston Business School in an effort to elevate technology training for professionals.

Along with the acquisition is the rebranding of the training school to BSS indicating the new direction of the curriculum. BBS said that it will start offering state-of-the-art, industry-tailored programs that are designed to train, upskill, or reskill people with digital skills to take on technology roles.

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“There’s an urgent requirement for people to learn new skill sets, which is evident given the number of unfilled jobs in the cybersecurity or ICT sectors, but skills shortages span most industries,” said Lee Seng Chong, executive director of BBS. “With BBS, we are working closely with a range of industry partners to develop programs that are designed to train, upskill, or reskill, people to work in such roles.”

The new business landscape now requires different skill sets and there are companies that choose to either help employees upskill or acquire new skills instead of hiring new ones. BBS said it will train people with the skills they require to fill those new roles. For example, product managers, who increasingly use data to make decisions to build and launch products that meet the needs of customers; or cybersecurity engineers to help a company secure its information.

BBS will launch its first newly developed programs later this year and aim to equip people to work in the cybersecurity sector.

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