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BPI Foundation, Manila Water Foundation augment Globe eLibrary content

Companies under the Ayala Group are beefing up the content of Globe eLibrary to provide teachers, parents, and students free resource materials on entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and hygiene and sanitation, among other relevant topics which they can use daily.

Globe eLibrary is one of the components of Globe’s learning advocacy under the Global Filipino Schools (GFS) program aimed at transforming public schools into centers of information and communications technology (ICT) excellence through innovative teaching methods. Globe customers may access the contents of the website and mobile application even without load or data credits.

Globe eLibrary, which was launched during the height of the pandemic, currently includes international and local storybooks for children and young adults as well as textbooks on Math, Science, English, Filipino, Music, Arts, among others. It also contains eLearning videos, some of which were developed by teachers themselves, to introduce important concepts in English, Math, and Science, incorporating sights and sounds that are familiar to the students.

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The contributions of BPI Foundation and Manila Water Foundation are welcome additions to the hundreds of free eBook titles and e-Learner videos that Globe eLibrary currently carries, which can be viewed online or downloaded for offline use.

BPI Foundation provided reading materials such as:


  • Entrepreneurship Resource Book which aims to boost the competencies of Senior High School Students as they enter the workforce, start a business, or go to college;
  • Personal Development Resource Book which prepares the students to become effective professionals;

BPI Manny and Me

  • Teachers’ Manual which provides comprehensive and accessible information to assist educators in teaching basic financial education by integrating it to the Math and Araling Panlipunan curriculum; and
  • Habit Building Workbook highlights the soft skills necessary for financial literacy among children.

“As BPI’s social development arm, it is our goal to help create and propagate a culture of financial wellness, with a focus on the underserved communities of our society,” said Owen Cammayo, executive director, BPI Foundation. “Through the FinEd (Financial Education) digital learning materials that we provided, we hope to help enable teachers, parents, and students with the right mindset and approach towards financial management.”

For its part, Manila Water Foundation shared the following series of videos:

  • Manila Water Lakbayan. The 13-minute video walks the viewers through the water trail, from the water source to treatment, responsible usage, and return of safe, treated water to rivers;
  • Toka-toka Adventures video highlights the importance of each and everyone’s stake in rehabilitating the waterways;
  • MWF Handwashing Video Series presents the importance and steps of proper handwashing as part of its advocacy on WASH (water access, sanitation, and hygiene). The video aims to raise viewers’ awareness of hygiene and sanitation practices: life-saving habits that not only benefit individuals but also impact families and communities.

“Manila Water Foundation values the partnership with Globe as it magnifies our mission and message of bringing WASH to all communities and ensures that students learning from home are reminded of essential habits to keep themselves and their families safe in this time of the pandemic,” said Reginald Andal, executive director, Manila Water Foundation.

“This initiative is aligned with the Ayala Groupwide effort to provide quality resource materials to students and teachers. Through this, we hope to extend digital learning to as many students and teachers nationwide,” said Yoly Crisanto, chief sustainability officer and SVP for Corporate Communications, Globe.

Ayala Foundation led the Brigada ng Ayala Program that provides holistic intervention to the public school sector. The members of the Ayala Group under the Edukalidad Cluster contribute through content shared via webinars and provision of necessary tools needed for remote learning.

“The synergy among the different Ayala units has allowed our 2020 Brigada ng Ayala efforts to reach 258 schools, over 5,600 teachers, and more than 21,000 students, and we are ready to reach more this year. Globe has made a valuable contribution to the ‘Edukalidad’ component of Brigada ng Ayala. We at Ayala Foundation look forward to more opportunities to improve people’s lives, through our ongoing partnership with Globe and the rest of the Ayala Group,” said Celerina Amores, senior director for Corporate Communications at Ayala Foundation.

Visit the Globe eLibrary and search for BPI Foundation and Manila Water Foundation to access financial education and WASH learning materials.