Broadband business will be major revenue driver for PLDT

Based on integrated network provider PLDT’s data, its fixed network (broadband) business PLDT Home has connected more than 800,000 households with fiber for 2021 alone “and is on track to reach a million before the year ends.”

“We already have about 12 million homes passed and about 5.29 million ports, by far the biggest base for ports available,” said Manny V. Pangilinan, chair, PLDT, in a media advisory. .”By 2022 there will be a big push as Home figures as a major revenue driver for growth for PLDT.”

PLDT Home added 324,000 fiber customers in the third quarter with a fiber customer count of 2.09 million bringing total fixed broadband customers to 2.77 million. Having already gained 802,000 new fiber subscribers in the first nine months of 2021, PLDT Home is on track to exceed one million net new fiber subscribers.

PLDT expects to surpass 1 million new fiber customers target for 2021
PLDT Home broadband service expands 46% nationwide

PLDT’s fiber-to-the-home business delivered growth for the third quarter last year with service revenues at P9 billion, up by 83% or by P4.1 billion from the same period in 2020. Total Home revenue grew 25% or P7 billion to P35.3 billion in the first nine months of
the year, boosted by the record revenue increase in the third quarter, up 29% or P2.8 billion to P12.6 billion. The total fiber capacity of PLDT Home now stands at 5.29 million ports. This is after the completion of 1.23 million fiber ports in 2021.

“We introduced the newest set of Fibr plans with upgraded speeds to further give every Filipino family the best digital experience,” said Butch Jimenez Jr., SVP and head of PLDT Home Business. “It’s a big part of PLDT Home’s unwavering commitment to provide Filipino families a future that they can look forward to — a future where more homes across the country can easily access the best digital services and fastest connectivity.”