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BSP launches PESONet multi-batch settlement

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), together with the Philippine Payments Management Inc. (PPMI) launched the Multiple Batch Settlement (MBS) facility of the PESONet electronic fund transfer service.

“This new feature enhances the user experience as it allows faster crediting of funds to the recipient’s account,” said BSP Governor Benjamin E. Diokno. “PESONet MBS allows for better risk management for participating banks and electronic money issuers as settlement of transactions may be divided within two cycles in a banking day.”

PESONet’s daily batch settlement has two cycles on a banking day. Prior to the launch, PESONet has one batch settlement of fund transfers at the end of the banking day.

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The morning and end-of-day settlement cycles of PESONet fund transfers also seek to address the demand of the business community for shorter clearing intervals.

“With PESONet MBS, businesses can manage their cashflows better. For example, a business can ensure timely crediting of payroll funds since PESONet MBS allows the transfer of funds and the receipt of the same by employees within the same banking day,” explained the Governor. “Since funds are made available earlier, PESONet MBS can cut production cycle time that boosts economic productivity.”

With more frequent settlement cycles under PESONet MBS, person-to-government payments made via EGov Pay will also be improved. EGov Pay is an online facility that allows citizens to pay taxes and other fees due to government institutions, including permits and fees.

Launched in November 2017, PESONet is the first automated clearing house under the National Retail Payment System. It can be considered as an electronic alternative to paper-based check payments.