Canva rolls out Docs, AI-powered copywriting assistant

Canva announces it’s rolling out Canva Docs to its global community of 110 million monthly active users. On the back of this news, The global visual communications platform is also unveiling Magic Write, an (artificial intelligence) AI-powered copywriting assistant, exclusive to Canva Docs.

Docs, now available with some Canva magic

With Magic Write in Canva Docs, users can simply type what’s on their mind and it’ll create the starting point for them in seconds: from a strategy document to a meeting agenda, a marketing brief and more. Users can also generate a new version of their existing text and include tone of voice in their Magic Write “brief.”

Canva introduces new suite of workplace products, features
Canva’s ‘Text to Image’ feature now available

Magic Write excels at brainstorming initial ideas, or drafts for social media posts, business plans, customer support responses, product descriptions, and proposals which can all be generated at the touch of a button, ready to be proofed and edited.

As with the rest of Canva’s Visual Worksuite, Canva Docs has been built with visuals at the forefront. A unique design-within-design capability empowers users to create Design Blocks to focus their audience’s attention. Design blocks allow them to create and edit any Canva design from within Canva Docs, making it easy to make banners or section dividers pop, or even add custom visuals like timelines or roadmaps.

Canva’s library of over 100 million design ingredients – from videos, to images, to graphics, charts, and more are also accessible in Canva Docs. For those who want to add or create unique images, Canva’s recently released image generator, Text to Image, empowers them to do so. Users can also embed any other Canva design in Canva Docs.

Turns docs to decks

Canva is also introducing Docs for Decks in Canva Docs. Similar to Magic Resize, which lets users magically convert any type of Canva design to another, Docs for Decks transforms a document into a fully-fledged presentation with the click of a button. Real-time collaboration also powers the Canva Docs experience. Teams can brainstorm, create and fine-tune their ideas – all at the same time.

Users can then share Canva Docs like any other Canva design directly with a team, or the public, with comment, view and edit permissions or even publish it as an interactive website.

Canva Docs and Magic Write are now in open beta joining Text to Image as the newest magic tools empowering everyone to effortlessly bring their creative ideas to life. Magic Write can be used for free up to 25 times. Users can access additional queries with Canva Pro and Canva for Teams.

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