Chimeraland to launch in early 2022

Chimeraland, the newest open-world MMO (massively multiplayer online) game developed by Level Infinite, will be released in early 2022.

Since the start of the game’s pre-registration on Dec. 16, Chimeraland managed to get 300,000 registrants in 10 days. The game will be available on various platforms from PC, Android, and iOS.

Giving each player the freedom to explore the 4,000-square-kilometer territory spanning four continents, seas, and oceans to explore, Chimeraland is famous for its innovative gameplay which encourages players to develop creativity and imagination while playing, such as the creation of mythological animals or building houses which are an attraction that is too good to miss.

As players couldn’t be more excited about Chimeraland, here are the gameplay and features that players need to know to get ahead of their journey as soon as the game’s release.

  • Character Creation

Before starting the game, you need to create a character from various races (from humans to animals) and ages. After selecting the race and age, you can then proceed to customize the facial features of your character. You can preview your character setups. If you are not happy with it, you can choose “Back” or “Reset” to continue with your chosen character.

  • Riding Pets

There are three types of pets: Rides, Followers, and Companions. In Chimeraland, almost all the animals can be captured as riding pets that you can use as transportation and assist you in battles.

There are also some exotic animals that like to visit your home, sleep in your bed or sit on your sofa, and are always hungry. If you feed it, it will become your companion and can aid you in combat and help collect.

Animals can be seen and caught everywhere. From common animals to thousands of years old beasts, you can use traps to catch them and make them your mounts. Of course, catching also depends on luck. Sometimes pet eggs can be caught, and permanent pets can be hatched through incubation nests at home, but sometimes only temporary pets can only be caught for five minutes. The biggest use of temporary pets is to swallow opposing animals and add limbs to permanent pets. For example, it will make the normal horse have thick elephant legs, cute moose head, dominant eagle wings, poisonous scorpion tail, among others — making it into a unique riding pet.

  • Map exploration, fly to the vastness of the universe and settle in space

Click the upper left corner of the game interface to open the map. Drag the zoom option in the lower right corner to adjust the map scale, and the positioning options can set the navigation destination. Areas that have not been included in the map are currently showing no details. The unexplored areas will display a question mark. Once the area with the question mark is explored, the appropriate icon will appear.

While exploring the vast spherical world of Chimeraland, travelers can fly all the way to space and break through the sky to travel in space, where there are many small planets and star beasts. Of course, you can also choose to build a home on a space planet and settle in space. In some instances, you can be exiled to space prison if you kill randomly.

  • Get ready for the launch and grab your rewards

Get rewards like Cowries, Legendary Pill and Pet Egg via pre-register on the official website, and pre-registration to achieve a specified number of people can also be unlocked in accordance with the stage, to obtain the HP Essence, Intelligence Pill, Lv. 2 Mount Skill Book and other luxury rewards, valued up to $40. In addition, the official community also held a series of reservation activities, participation can get many in-game super useful new virtual treasures for travelers.

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