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Circular living start-up Humble is now a partner of UnionBank

Union Bank of the Philippines (UnionBank) has partnered with startup Humble Sustainability (Humble) to promote circular living to its employees.

Humble is based in the Philippines which harnesses technology and innovation to provide an avenue where Filipinos jumpstart their journey to circular living and sustainability. The company’s premise is simple: It will collect used items from households or companies and turn (recycle or repurpose) them into more useful items that others can use. That is what circular living means.

Under the partnership, UnionBank will incorporate Humble’s waste collection program into the bank’s employee engagement and corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, giving UnionBank employees a new way of disposing of their unwanted items at home and decluttering more responsibly. At the same time, UnionBank will extend its support for startups to Humble, which will help the latter in its operations going forward.

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“We also see it as a way to engage our employees, and at the same time, to show a different way for our employee volunteers that sustainability can also be blended in their CSR work,” said Dave Devilles, head, UnionBank Employee Relations, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Sustainability.

“Circular living has the capability to change the world and it just starts with one step, and collaborations like this are indeed important first steps,” said Josef Werker, co-founder, Humble.

UnionBank is one of the top 10 Philippines banks in terms of assets. Through its Tech Up Pilipinas Program, the bank is fulfilling its sustainability mission to use digital technology and innovation for social good in three focus areas, namely: digital transformation, sustainable finance, and inclusive prosperity.