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Cisco powers Baguio City’s smart city command center

The Smart City Command Center in Baguio is a result of the collaboration between the local government of Baguio City and technology company Cisco, aimed at transforming and improving the city. 

This partnership has brought significant progress in streamlining city management decisions and public services for the citizens of Baguio.

Cisco is providing the digital infrastructure and technologies that form the foundation of the Smart City Command Center. As part of its Country Digital Acceleration (CDA) program, UGNAYAN 2030, Cisco has also trained personnel to operate the platform effectively.

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“To become a smart city, having a well-defined plan is crucial,” said Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong. “Recognizing this, we in the city government initiated discussions with Cisco regarding a potential partnership.”

A study commissioned by the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) has highlighted concerns such as overcrowding and waste management, indicating that Baguio may face urban decay in the next 25 years if these issues are not addressed. To tackle this challenge, Cisco partnered with Quantela to develop a Command Center that centralizes Baguio’s digital operations. This platform enables city planners to manage processes across all city departments and agencies efficiently.

Digital infrastructure

“In line with our purpose of powering an inclusive future for all, Cisco has always believed in leveraging the power of public-private partnership to build smart, inclusive, and sustainable communities,” said Zaza Soriano-Nicart, managing director, Cisco Philippines.

Today, the command center serves as the core of the city’s operations, enabling real-time monitoring, analysis, decision-making, and rapid response to emergencies. Cisco’s networking, security, and collaboration technologies power the underlying infrastructure, ensuring end-to-end security for the command center.

Smart City Command Center

The Smart City Command Center leverages these solutions to aggregate and analyze data seamlessly and securely from various sources, including city infrastructure sensors. This holistic view of the smart city ecosystem provides city planners and officials with valuable insights into traffic patterns, parking availability, environmental conditions, and public safety measures. Ultimately, this optimization of digital services benefits the citizens of Baguio.

The platform also incorporates innovative applications such as the Geographic Information System, which integrates information on fault lines and sinkholes. This integration helps city officials make informed decisions during natural disasters and emergencies. The platform includes the “Baguio in My Pocket” Smart Emergency Response Platform, enabling citizens to submit help requests and manage utilities.

The Smart Security System integrates data from CCTV cameras, using advanced analytics and AI to enhance decision-making in traffic management and security applications. The Environmental Management Solution utilizes air quality monitors to detect real-time data on weather conditions and pollutants, ensuring the well-being of residents.