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Claroty, Rockwell Automation unveil new integration to secure industrial networks

Claroty, the industrial cybersecurity company, today announced a new integration between its Continuous Threat Detection (CTD) solution and Rockwell Automation’s FactoryTalk AssetCentre, empowering joint customers to automatically discover, protect, and manage the operational technology (OT), Internet of Things (IoT), and industrial IoT (IIoT) in their industrial networks.

The joint solution fuses CTD’s OT visibility with AssetCentre’s data management capabilities to automate, optimize, and centralize inventory. It brings together CTD’s risk and vulnerability assessment and correlation with AssetCentre’s backup and recovery coverage for industrial networks and includes highly flexible on-premise, cloud, and hybrid deployment options.

“Many critical industrial assets are at risk due to enterprises’ limited abilities in inventory management, risk and vulnerability correlation, and asset backup,” said Grant Geyer, chief product officer of Claroty. “Visibility is the foundation to every risk management program in the industrial economy. With this solution, asset-intensive organizations can be confident that their OT asset inventory is comprehensive and protected against a variety of cybersecurity and business continuity risks that threaten resiliency in today’s digital and connected enterprise.”

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CTD Connector for AssetCentre expands the CTD visibility ecosystem with a centralized, fully automated OT asset inventory across the entire OT environment. It also protects the most critical assets and helps minimize downtime by continuously assessing risks and monitoring for vulnerabilities, automatically correlating this information with the assets in the OT environment.

It also ncreases efficiency and effectiveness of governance, risk, and compliance initiatives and overall decision-making by enabling centralized access, streamlined management, and actionable reporting for all asset, risk, and vulnerability data

“Through greater visibility into and protection of OT assets, organizations can improve uptime, productivity, quality, employee safety, and regulatory compliance,” said Jason Wright, director of digital design and visualization apps at Rockwell Automation.