Aqwire x Xendit

Clients of property payments platform AQWIRE can now pay via Xendit

Real estate settlements platform AQWIRE has tapped B2B payment gateway Xendit in processing local payments through Direct Debit. AQWIRE customers can use their Philippine bank accounts (Bank of the Philippine Islands, Union Bank of the Philippines, for example) to pay for their real estate bills via Xendit.

The majority of AQWIRE’s clients are based overseas and use international cards and bank accounts when settling their property dues. By using Xendit’s Direct Debit, AQWIRE clients will be able to pay in real-time without having to access its website or app or even email a screenshot as proof of payment.

“We are always looking for ways to give our customers the best payment experience,” said Kenji Yuchengco, COO and head of Strategy, AQWIRE. “The partnership with Xendit now allows us to offer local bank payments which add to the variety of payment methods that AQWIRE already offers. The more options we have integrated into our service translate into added value for our customers.”

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AQWIRE is a cross-border payments and settlements platform for enterprises. AQWIRE is both a Software as a Service (SaaS) and payments platform, providing a global payments collection facility and customized systems. AQWIRE provides full customer support for all our enterprise clients. This includes providing new updated technology to all customers per their needs and requests, customer service for all payers and full-stack integration with proprietary management systems.

“Xendit is the simplest solution for the digital transaction needs of every Filipino business. Our advanced payments system is designed to make digital transactions simple, secure, and easy. This enables Filipinos to do more of what they love and for entrepreneurs and companies to focus on growing their business,” said Chris Reyes, COO of Xendit Philippines.

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