Consumers in PH want strong mobile security — Appdome

Filipino consumers have significantly higher expectations than global peers when it concerns mobile device and app security, fraud prevention, and malware protection, according to the latest survey of cyber defense automation platform Appdome.

Filipinos showed a preference for mobile apps that offer greater transactional freedom compared to global consumers. 

For example, 59.9% of Filipinos identify e-wallet and mobile apps with e-wallet capabilities as one of the top 3 apps used most often, a whopping 106% higher than the global baseline. The top 3 mobile apps used by Filipinos also included social media apps and mobile games. These mobile apps were closely followed by retail and shopping, mobile banking, and food delivery apps. 

Filipinos are more inclined to choose apps that make transactions and interactions easier.  

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The Appdome survey also revealed that 68.1% of Filipinos believe that protecting consumers against security, fraud, and malware is as important as new features in the app, eclipsing the global average of 62%.  

A majority of Filipinos (52.8%) expect the best security, once again beating their global peers by 11.6%. And 84% of Filipino consumers demand mobile app protections that go beyond the login screen and data protection, and include anti-fraud and anti-malware protection built into the mobile app. 

Respondents (65.5%) also expressed their fear of mobile app hacking as well as becoming a victim of mobile fraud and mobile malware.