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Converge tops Ookla user-initiated ratings for video

Ookla has awarded Converge ICT Solutions Inc. (Converge), a fixed broadband service provider, with the Best ISP Video Experience in the Philippines for the second half of 2022. The company finished at the top of the segment with an overall video score of 80.99 video score. 

Converge met global benchmarking company Ookla’s criteria in providing the best video viewing service to customers including instant play and high-quality video output.

“Optimized user experience is important to us, so consumer-initiated ratings affirm all the efforts that we’ve done to improve our network to deliver fast, high-capacity connectivity,” said Jesus Romero, COO, Converge.

Converge upgrades fiber internet plans offerings
Converge tops Netflix’s Speed Index in 2022

The company emphasizes that its subscribers get more than what they are paying for because they make sure users enjoy consistent high speed, lowest latency (all data arrives swiftly) (12.51ms in 2022), and low jitter (2ms in 2022) (all data arrives in the right order) connectivity no matter their plan subscription. These network assets make it a choice for gamers, streamers, and high-volume data-sharing enterprises, with its Ookla median speed clocking in at 94.39 Mbps and its top median speed reaching as high as 439.6 Mbps.


The company has consistently upgraded its bandwidth speed without increasing the subscription price. Converge initially offered 25 Mbps on its basic FiberX plan in 2018 before increasing the speed to 35 Mbps the following year. Understanding the high-volume bandwidth demand during the pandemic, the ICT company increased its basic FiberX plan speed to 50 Mbps before doubling that speed to 100 Mbps during the first half of 2022. Converge capped its year by offering another free double speed increase at the end of the year, making its basic FiberX plan run on 200 Mbps. 

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