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Dell enhances storage software to boost security

Dell Technologies, a technology company, enhanced the security of its storage portfolio. These advances in PowerStore, Dell’s intelligent all-flash data storage offerings, are available at no additional cost to existing customers and are consumable through on-premises software.

Dell enhanced the security software of PowerStore to help organizations accelerate the adoption of the Zero Trust, a security architecture that ensures the authorization of only known entities and actions, model.

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With the security upgrades, organizations can prevent unauthorized deleting or modifying of snapshots before their expiration date. It also allows storage administrators to manage access directly from PowerStore to respond quickly to security threats.

Dell equipped PowerStore with up to 4x more mounted snapshots per system, giving users more protection points for granular recovery if needed. Its multi-factor authentication protects administrative access to PowerStore by requiring increased verification of a user’s identity. 


Dell also introduced new automation features in the PowerStore that will enable organizations to keep operational and energy costs down.

Organizations now have increased simplicity and choice driving their multicloud data protection strategies with convenient backup to the cloud capability through PowerStore’s deeper integration into Dell’s physical and software-defined data protection solutions. 

New integrations with Ansible and Terraform and new application mobility capabilities with Dell Container Storage Modules help PowerStore customers accelerate innovation with flexible storage automation. By supporting these open source solutions, PowerStore gives DevOps workers easy-to-use storage automation tools and the ability to build repeatable, automated processes across diverse environments to provision storage without low-level coding or help desk support.