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Dell launches SD-WAN solution for network modernization

Dell Technologies announced new advancements in software-defined networking so customers can simplify and lower the cost of networking in today’s multi-cloud world.

“Dell EMC and VMware are rebuilding the network for the cloud era with everything open, automated and software-defined,” said Tom Burns, senior vice president and general manager, Dell EMC Networking & Solutions. “New SD-WAN solutions powered by VMware and network fabric management delivered by SmartFabric Director raise the stakes when it comes to network virtualization and security in today’s highly-distributed software-defined enterprise. We’re just getting started on our combined innovation.”

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Dell EMC SD-WAN Solution

Legacy wide area networks (WANs) struggle to keep up with the modern, multi-cloud traffic demands. At the edge, the new Dell EMC SD-WAN Solution helps customers move away from complex, slow-to-innovate and expensive branch office networking to an SD-WAN platform that uses cloud capabilities and economics. Previewed at Dell Technologies World, the new solution is now globally available and supported.

This Dell EMC SD-WAN Solution delivers all-in-one simplicity combining VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud software available as a flexible subscription with highly engineered and efficient modern appliances in multiple configuration options all backed by world-class Dell EMC support, supply chain, and services.

VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud includes a choice of public, private or hybrid cloud network for enterprise-grade connection to cloud and enterprise applications; branch office enterprise appliances and optional data center appliances; software-defined control and automation; and virtual services delivery. Software subscription options can be upgraded to accommodate changing business requirements for features, duration and bandwidth.

The Dell EMC SD-WAN Solution has three key components SD-WAN Edge powered by VMware is networking specific, purpose-built appliances designed for high efficiency and reliability; SD-WAN Orchestrator is cloud-based management and orchestration software services from VMware, managed by Dell EMC; and SD-WAN Gateways is a global network of more secure, application-focused access gateways from VMware to handle WAN traffic.

Dell EMC SmartFabric Director

Dell EMC and VMware also announced SmartFabric Director, an innovation in software-defined networking that enables the physical switch to underlay infrastructure to keep pace with the changing demands of virtualized and software-defined networks.

Dell EMC SmartFabric Director enables data center operators to easily build, operate and monitor an open network underlay fabric based on Dell EMC PowerSwitch Series switches. This is important for organizations that have embraced software-defined networking and need to help make sure their physical underlay networks are finely tuned for that overlay environment. A lack of visibility between the two layers can lead to provisioning and configuration errors, hampering network performance.

This innovative solution from Dell EMC and VMware extend the companies’ shared vision of a software-defined data center by simplifying the definition, creation and deployment of data center fabrics with intent-based auto-provisioning and enhanced visibility and management between virtual and physical network environments.