DITO offers affordable mobile postpaid plans

DITO Telecommunity, a telco provider in the Philippines, starts offering new mobile postpaid plans, the DITO Mobile Postpaid FLEXPlans, a simple, premium, and affordable subscription. 

“As we launch our mobile postpaid plans, we want to challenge the mindset that postpaid is only for the few. With DITO, Filipinos can now aspire for a digital upgrade they long for,” said Evelyn Jimenez, chief commercial officer, DITO. 

Powered by its next-generation technology, DITO’s new mobile postpaid plans feature generous data allocation versus other competitors, UNLI all-net calls & texts, Advance Pay, Video Over LTE (VILTE), premium and affordable handset offerings, data rollover, fast & easy application process- all these will surely give Filipinos a well-deserved upgrade.

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“Apart from acquiring a premium handset, our postpaid plans also encompass all the benefits consumers can enjoy and experience with DITO,” Jimenez said. “Whether you are a prepaid user switching to postpaid or an existing postpaid user wishing to change provider, our mobile postpaid plans will give you an upgrade and elevate your digital lifestyles at an affordable cost.”


DITO Mobile Postpaid FLEXPlans come in SIM-only and with handset plans. For handset plans, FLEXPlan 588 comes with 8GB data; FLEXPlan 888 has 20GB data plus 20GB data for 5G; FLEXPlan 1288 has 30GB data plus 30GB for 5G; while FLEXPlan1688 has 50GB data with bonus 50GB for 5G. All handset plans have a contract term of 24 months and include UNLI all-net calls & texts, 12-month Prime Video subscription, DITO Rewards points, and data rollover. 

For premium yet budget-friendly options, Samsung A04 is free for Plan 888 while Samsung A14 5G is free for Plan 1288.  Customers can check out other handset offerings and respective cash-out matrix.

For its SIM-only plans, FLEXPlan 588 comes with 16GB data; FLEXPlan 888 has 40GB data plus 20GB for 5G; FLEXPlan 1288 has 60GB data with bonus 30GB for 5G; and FLEXPlan 1688 features a whopping 100GB data with bonus 50GB for 5G. All SIM-only plans have a lock-in period of 6 months and include UNLI all-net calls and texts, a 12-month Prime Video subscription, DITO Rewards points, and data rollover.

Advance Pay

SIM-only postpaid subscribers can avail themselves of special discounts when they pay 6,12 and 24 months in advance. The discount scheme is as follows: Advance Pay (6 months): 8% discount, Advanced Pay (12 months): 18% discount, and Advanced Pay (24 months): 40% discount. 

Advance Pay feature is only available for applications done via DITO Experience Stores. 

Interested customers can also choose their number or avail of Mobile Number Portability (MNP) to keep their current number when they apply to any DITO Mobile Postpaid FLEXPlans. Customers acquiring these features should apply their postpaid plans at DITO Experience Stores.

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