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Eastern Communications boosts ICT portfolio to support businesses

Eastern Communications, a telecommunications company, underscored the importance of providing competitive products and services to boost digitalization across the country during a recent tech huddle.

Eastern Communications is looking at supporting small businesses by providing them with digital tools, specifically reliable connectivity through its products and services, and the newly revamped website.

The telco cited its own research highlighting that supply chain, finance, tourism, and public sector industries now require cybersecurity and cloud solutions to boost business operations efficiency. 

Eastern Communications accelerates network expansion
Eastern Communications offers more affordable home plans

In response to this, the company offers what it dubbed Evolve Every Day Essentials: Eastern Cloud, Eastern SASE, and Eastern cybersecurity services.

“To cater to the unique requirements of our target market segments, our three flagship products—Eastern Cloud, SASE, and Eastern Cybersecurity—play a pivotal role in ensuring our customers’ satisfaction and enabling their continuous growth and progress on a daily basis,” said Edsel Paglinawan, VP and head of Product and Innovation, Eastern Communications.

Edsel Paglinawan, VP and head of Product and Innovation, Eastern Communications.


Eastern Communications recognizes the concerns in data security as it strengthened its partnership with Fortinet, a cybersecurity solutions provider, by offering Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), especially to small businesses. 

MSSP offers network security services to an organization. As a third party, an MSSP can alleviate the strain on IT teams, as well as free up crucial time the organization needs to support and expand operations.


According to the company, it is the first to offer Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) in the country. SASE is an enterprise networking technology that provides a single network connecting and securing any enterprise resource — physical, cloud, and mobile — from anywhere. Paglinawan emphasized the distinction between broadband and shared internet, where shared connections can restrict connectivity but can be overcome or mitigated by utilizing SD-WAN and SASE technologies.

Paglinawan said that Eastern Communications is also the first telecommunications company and cloud solutions provider to partner with another cloud provider to utilize the same platform and to offer a locally hosted geo-redundant cloud platform.

My Eastern Portal

Eastern Communications subscribers can now take advantage of My Eastern Portal, a feature that allows customers to conveniently view and pay their bills online with different payment options. 

The portal is the telco’s step in implementing eco-friendly alternatives in its operations by reducing the amount of waste produced with printed bills. 

Apart from My Eastern Portal, Eastern Communications’ website interface has been optimized for more efficient performance, so existing and new customers can access Eastern’s extensive portfolio of services easily and securely on their desktop and mobile browsers.

Furthermore, customers can create customized plans by matching solutions based on their needs.