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Epson launches one-stop customer portal

Epson Southeast Asia has officially launched the MyEpson portal, a one-stop customer portal that provides a single touchpoint for services including warranty registrations, redemptions, and promotions.

MyEpson is a unified customer relationship management system that provides more personalized and tailored experiences for both customers to drive increased online and offline engagement and optimizes the usage of Epson products, with the goal of increasing revenue.

“Customer experience is at the core of our business, and with customer’s needs becoming increasingly diversified, it is critical for Epson to leverage a digital solution like Salesforce to deepen our relationship with our customers and to provide them with a consolidated platform to engage with the brand,” said Ed Bonoan, general manager of Marketing Division at Epson Philippines.

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By setting up an account and building a personalized profile, customers can submit feedback and inquiries via the Contact Us button for seamless customer service. Customers can also receive customized marketing based on their country of residence across various marketing touchpoints and make their purchases online and at retail stores.

A consolidated self-service portal allows customers to register and check for warranty and support coverage, redeem gifts, and check an ongoing service repair status, all in one place instead of having to do so on multiple offline and online domains previously.

With MyEpson, multiple product warranty can be linked to a customer, allowing the customer to get an overview of warranty information and technical documentation of all purchased Epson products easily. Personalized information on optimizing the usage of their Epson product is also provided to ensure customers make the best of their product.