FEU Tech introduces hybrid e-learning platform for students without internet access

FEU Institute of Technology (FEU Tech) introduces a digital learning system called the Mastery-based Individualized Learning Enhancement System, or MILES for short in the hopes of “breaking the traditional formula of education.” The system is expected to be available not only at FEU Tech but also the Alabang and Diliman campuses by August 2020.

Through the online course management platform Canvas, MILES will create a user-friendly interface to deliver well-designed content that is geared toward personalized learning. FEU claims that “MILES is the first of its kind not only in the Philippines but in the rest of the world as well.”

“What sets MILES apart from other remote learning solutions is that it truly takes every student’s personal situation into account. We can’t take for granted that every student has access to a stable Internet connection,” said Rolan Garcia, director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at FEU Tech.

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The “Fully Online” option is mainly for students with stable online connections and computer devices. Distribution of learning activities, materials, faculty consultations, and mentoring would be 100% online and asynchronous.

Blended Online

The “Blended Online” option is available for students who have minimal internet access. Learning materials will be distributed in a mix of printed and saved in flash drives filled with video lectures, learning activities, and other materials. These will be sent via a courier for a fee.

Once the government allows the resumption of physical classes, there will be a “Blended Face-to-Face” option that balances asynchronous learning with on-campus interactions. Classes and lab courses that require personal interaction will fall under this option, but all faculty consultations and exams will be online. This option is best for students who really want elements of the face-to-face environment.


With remote learning looking to be the only viable approach for schools in the foreseeable approach, FEU Tech’s MILES program presents a groundbreaking new solution that is inclusive and easy to understand.

FEU Institute of Technology (formerly FEU East Asia College) is a co-educational and non-denominational institution offering programs in the fields of Engineering and Computer Studies. Through its curriculum, FEU Tech intends to harness the best of technology and innovation to provide students with an education that is relevant, high-quality, and inclusive.

For more information, please visit the FEU Tech website.