Fortinet acquires security platform CyberSponse

Fortinet, a company focused on integrated and automated cybersecurity solutions, announced that it has completed the acquisition of CyberSponse, a Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) platform provider based in Arlington, Virginia.

CyberSponse, already a Fortinet Security Fabric partner, will further extend the automation and incident response capabilities of FortiAnalyzer, FortiSIEM, and FortiGate, for example, and further simplify security operations.

The increasing number of point security products adds to alert fatigue that exacerbates an already complex security operations environment that is set against the backdrop of a cybersecurity skills shortage.

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To combat this complexity enterprises and service providers seek to simplify their operations and maximize the efficiency of today’s security operations centers (SOCs) by consolidating and triaging alerts from a wide range of security products, automate the analysis and the repetitive tasks to save valuable resources, and leverage well-defined playbooks to enable real-time incident response.

“The growing number of security tools being deployed by enterprises have introduced operational complexities that make organizations more vulnerable to breaches. With the integration of CyberSponse’s powerful SOAR platform into the Fortinet Security Fabric, we will offer customers accelerated incident response and the ability to standardize and scale processes that will enhance security posture and reduce business risk and associated costs,” Ken Xie, Founder and CEO at Fortinet.

The combination of Fortinet and CyberSponse will equip security analysts across organizations of all sizes with a powerful, patented solution that is unique and differentiated. Enterprise-grade scalable architecture with distributed multi-tenancy that augments streamlined SOC operations and enables MSSPs to deliver managed detection and response (MDR) services with ease. Over 325 connectors to easily integrate with all major security vendors and technologies and offer a single, centralized point of visibility and control. More than 200 out-of-the-box easy-to-configure playbooks to automate incident response action sequence and routine tasks. The most advanced case management modules with the incident timeline and asset correlation views, plus an automated ROI or savings measurement tool. Ensuring granular role-based access control to secure user-related data.

“CyberSponse’s mission has always been to make security operations management effortless and effective with innovative yet disruptive technology,” said Joseph Loomis, Founder and CSO at CyberSponse. “The combined powerhouse of Fortinet’s Security Fabric and CyberSponse’s SOAR technology will ensure customers are protected by the most sophisticated global security operations platform that includes hundreds of integrations enabling streamlined out-of-the-box playbook execution.”

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