Fortinet’s next-generation firewalls secure cloud on-ramp

Fortinet, a technology company that offers broad, integrated, and automated cybersecurity solutions, announced recently three new high-performance FortiGate Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFWs), comprised of FortiGate 1100E, FortiGate 2200E, and FortiGate 3300E. These new offerings support Security-Driven Networking and enable organizations to securely accelerate their on-ramp to the cloud.

“An accelerated and secure cloud on-ramp is essential in today’s digital economy,” said John Maddison, EVP of products and solutions at Fortinet. “Fortinet’s SD-WAN and high-performance data center solutions use Security-Driven Networking core technology to enable multiple firewall uses cases at maximum ROI. Fortinet’s new E-Series FortiGate Next-Generation Firewalls enable our customers to architect a security-driven network and accelerate their on-ramp to the cloud.”

FortiGate Next-Generation Firewalls

Accelerating the on-ramp to the cloud requires a new and innovative approach — Security-Driven Networking — that allows enterprises to architect networks that deliver seamlessly integrated end-to-end security realized by solutions such as Secure SD-WAN from branch locations and high-performance secure connectivity through data centers.

To support a security-driven network that accelerates the cloud on-ramp, Fortinet is introducing new E-Series FortiGate Next-Generation Firewalls, which include FortiGate 1100E, FortiGate 2200E, and FortiGate 3300E.

This lineup solves the most common bottlenecks enterprises face when trying to securely connect to the cloud including achieving secure, high-speed connections to multiple clouds, providing perimeter defense and DDoS prevention, gaining full visibility in encrypted flows, segmenting the network, and protecting business-critical applications and servers.

Adding to Fortinet’s existing E-Series appliances, the newly announced FortiGate Next-Generation Firewalls offer customers additional flexibility and the ability to select the best solution for their specific needs from industry-leading products that offer various price points, interfaces, and performance levels to meet the diverse needs of enterprise data center deployments. The new line-up accelerates the cloud on-ramp with optimal user and application experience and features
Security-Driven Networking via the Fortinet Security Fabric

All FortiGate Next-Generation Firewalls are powered by AI-driven FortiGuard and FortiSandbox security services to provide prevention from known attacks, detection of unknown attacks, and the delivery of automated threat protection.

Fortinet FortiGate Next-Generation Firewalls can share security information among each other for an additional security context. As an integral part of the Fortinet Security Fabric, the devices can communicate within Fortinet’s comprehensive security portfolio as well as within supported third-party security solutions in a multivendor environment to share threat intelligence and improve an organization’s security posture.