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Google adds image search feature to fact-checking service

In its effort to intensify the fight against misinformation and deepen its support for fact-checking communities, technology company Google has added an image fact-checking feature to its Fact Check Explorer service.

“The upgrade aims to further empower internet users seeking to combat the very real danger of fake news on the internet,” Google said in a statement.

Initially only available for text searches, Fact Check Explorer’s new image search feature addresses the challenges faced by fact checkers when verifying images. Fake or manipulated images are a persistent threat, especially in the Philippines where 51% of the population find it difficult to distinguish false information. Journalists, researchers, academics, and even concerned netizens can now simply upload or share the link of an image to determine if it has been previously fact-checked.

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Fact Check Explorer

Currently in a global beta version, the new search feature enables fact checkers to understand the timeline and context of an image. This updated capability allows researchers to track when an image was first indexed by Google and its subsequent usage over time. By providing valuable insights into an image’s history, this feature empowers fact-checkers to assess the accuracy of images and their context to effectively combat harmful misinformation.

Fact Check Explorer is one of Google’s latest initiatives to combat fake news online. In addition to this, Google and YouTube announced a $13.2-million grant to the International Fact-Checking Network to establish the Global Fact Check Fund, which aims to support fact-checking organizations worldwide. Anyone can now use the Fact Check Explorer and look up the latest verifications by going here.