Google shares 5 ways to keep accounts secure beyond passwords

Now that people are spending more time online, there is a need to double down on protecting online accounts from security breaches. To keep your accounts and information secure, here are some Google tools and features that can help beyond the use of passwords:

Two-step Verification
Having a second form of verification in place helps confirm that account owners are actually the ones trying to access their respective accounts. Those enrolled in Two-step Verification (2SV) are able to confirm their identities with a simple tap via a Google prompt on their phones whenever they sign in. Soon, appropriately configured Google accounts will automatically be enrolled in 2SV for additional security.

Multi-factor Authentication
Google is also building advanced security technologies into devices to make multi-factor authentication seamless and even more secure than a password. For example, security keys are now built directly into Android devices. iOS users may also use the Google Smart Lock app in order to use their phones as their second form of authentication.

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Password Manager
This feature, built directly into Chrome, Android, and iOS, makes it easier to create and use complex and unique passwords — without the hassle of having to remember or repeat them. Every time a person goes to a site or signs in to an app while logged into their respective Google Account, Password Manager automatically adds in their password.

Password Import
To help people ensure that all of their passwords are protected by Google’s advanced security and privacy technology, Password Import allows them to easily upload up to 1,000 passwords at a time from various third-party sites into Google’s Password Manager for free.

Security Checkup
It is important to check from time to time if passwords have been compromised. Through Security Checkup, people will automatically be informed if their password has been compromised. It also advises if a password is being used in multiple accounts and how strong one’s passwords are.

Check out the above-mentioned tools and features today and reduce the spread of weak credentials. Visit the Safety Center to learn more.