GosuGamers, Fulcrum Esports team up to foster growth in esports

GosuGamers and Fulcrum Esports just signed an agreement to partner up and elevate grassroots gaming and esports in the Philippines. 

GosuGamers has established itself as a premier gaming website with a strong presence in North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Partnering with Fulcrum Esports, a new and active local esports and gaming organization that has held various tournaments for top-tier tech brands in the Philippines. GosuGamers aims to foster the growth of existing esports communities by providing multiple opportunities to compete and learn.

“We are more than happy to support Fulcrum Esports to develop the gaming scene in the Philippines and to raise the next generation of gamers,” said Samson Oh, head of GosuGamers. “But most importantly, we want to create a career path through education for all the gamers in the Philippines.”

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This partnership will develop community-level gaming and esports tournaments and events across the country to uplift the gaming experience. These events will give more exposure and experience to players and teams to be discovered by bigger teams and organizations.

GosuBattles is an esports event platform developed by GosuGamers will also be launched first in the Philippines to develop local tournament organizers and players. This platform will develop capabilities of not only the organizers but the skill level of the players and teams with exposure to more tournaments and organized play. Currently, Fulcrum Esports is running community and grassroots-level tournaments with Nvidia with the GeForce Icafe Tournament Series.

“We have been looking for ways to elevate grassroots tournaments in the Philippines and we have been doing that for more than 2 years,” said Christian Pena, managing director of Fulcrum Sports.

GosuGamers and Fulcrum Esports will be developing workshops and educational materials that will leverage both organizations’ expertise. The partnership aims to roll out the initial program to target educational institutions and local government units in 2023. These programs will bring education not only to gamers but also to their parents as well. 

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