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Growsari rolls out use of QR codes to MSMEs

Growsari, a B2B ordering and store solution platform in the Philippines, is outfitting the smallest of retail outlets, sari-sari stores, to accept digital payments through their Growsari app. By providing access to Universal PH QR codes, neighborhood stores can now accept payments from e-wallets or through mobile devices.

The Sariclub QR codes are displayed conspicuously somewhere in the neighborhood stores so customers can easily pay using them. Growsari has begun to install QR PH codes across their network this October 2022 and is targeting to have 200,000 stores start accepting QR PH payments by 2023.

This is to strengthen Growsari’s commitment to assist MSMEs to adapt to the age of digitalization and to modernize their store operations,” said Sandeep Bhalla, head of Financial Services, Growsari.

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Each transaction paid by a customer to the store will be instantly available on the store’s wallet in the Growsari app, and all transaction receipts and records are easily accessible. By driving digital payments, Growsari is educating and enabling store owners to track their daily earnings and minimize errors in balancing their manual cash ledgers.

Digital ecosystem

“We are entering into a new normal after the pandemic. And Growsari is building a digital ecosystem that is inclusive and easy to understand for the millions of mom-and-pop stores in the country. We are confident the initiative will facilitate better store management and an efficient digital payments gateway to the local communities,” said Bhalla.

All digital payments received through the QR code are credited on their Growsari merchant wallet that can be used seamlessly for all other Growsari transactions such as ordering FMCG and E-service products like load, bills or wallet top-ups without the restrictive limits of personal wallets.

And to fully help stores in adapting and using Digital wallets in app, field agents visit stores frequently to facilitate instant top ups for store owners who don’t have any bank accounts.