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How to promote an environment of digital efficiency in the modern-day workplace

By Matt Kestian, CEO of 66degrees 

The workplace as we once knew it changed dramatically as a result of the pandemic. Companies rushed to implement hybrid and work-from-home models to accommodate the safety and wellbeing of their staff while attempting to sustain proper business operations. The transition was fast so the creation and execution of collaboration and efficiency plans were made with haste or slipped through the cracks altogether. Two years later, leaders are still trying to get it right. The modern workplace is isolating and leaders should consider establishing a well-maintained collaborative, yet efficient culture. Technology is the answer.

Technology can drive success

One of the greatest things about technology is the variety of solutions out there to fit and address every need of each individual company. Companies can make technology work for them not just by finding the right platforms but also by customizing them and integrating third-party apps that are best for the business and its employees. Incorporating the right technology increases productivity by promoting a sense of uniformity. Proper integrations make work seamless and advance the idea of “business as usual” with the freedom of working in the comfort of their own home. A basic software tool will give your team easy collaboration but a custom solution will make their work better, faster and smarter.  Knowing your team is using the same technology not only brings uniform to day-to-day collaboration with efficient fixes to any issues that may arise, but also allows for more inspired work. 

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Collaboration is essential to keeping your team and clients happy, and choosing the right technology is key. Platforms, such as Google Workspace, support team collaboration by allowing multiple users to create, edit and work together in achieving the perfect, final product. Users can provide updates on initiatives throughout the entire process and share projects with a click of a button. Solutions such as Google Workspace promote effective communications while running on the same infrastructure as Google’s other services including its search engine and Drive. Having so many employees working remotely, companies need to implement the use of collaborative software to stay connected and work efficiently with their staff and clients. At 66degrees, our team uses one interface that provides the ability to work anywhere, on any device that uses applications or web browser interfaces. Having collaborative software in place will make or break your team in the modern-day workplace. 

Cloud-based security needs to be part of every solution

Once your company implements a collaborative solution, it’s imperative to prioritize security vulnerabilities. New hybrid and remote work models allow teams to work from anywhere in the world and security is critical to protecting your business. Security breaches increased by 40% since the start of the pandemic and security measures must be taken seriously in order to keep all data and information safe. Some solutions provide security elements within a single interface, while singular security solutions can be added to existing digital infrastructures with additional software. Either way, it is vital to find what works best for your company while making sure work is easily shared, but firmly protected. 

Building a better infrastructure builds business

The workplace is evolving and it’s important that companies evolve with it. Having a secure software platform in place for seamless collaboration is essential in creating digital efficiency regardless of what your workplace may look like. As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, 66degrees is committed to helping organizations modernize their infrastructure, apps, data, and day-to-day collaboration — while making sure everything’s done securely. If the pandemic and Great Resignation have taught us anything, it’s that there will always be a “new normal” and our companies need to be prepared for change at any time. Using a custom suite of tools to build a sense of unity and promote collaboration will ensure the happiness of your employees while increasing productivity and achieving business goals.

66degrees is a Google Cloud Premier Partner that aims to modernize and secure infrastructure, apps, data, and day-to-day collaboration with Google Cloud.