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IBM expands access to AI education to 2 million learners

IBM has set an ambitious goal of democratizing AI (artificial intelligence) education worldwide, with a specific emphasis on underserved communities. The tech giant aims to equip 2 million individuals with AI skills by 2026.

To achieve this objective, IBM is partnering with educational institutions globally to deliver AI training. This initiative coincides with the launch of its new generative AI coursework available through IBM SkillsBuild.

“AI skills are becoming indispensable for the workforce of tomorrow,” said Justina Nixon-Saintil, VP and chief impact officer at IBM. “That’s why we are investing in AI training and expanding IBM SkillsBuild to collaborate with universities and non-profit organizations in providing generative AI education to learners worldwide.”

IBM offers free online courses through its SkillsBuild program
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As AI, especially generative AI, gains recognition as a tool to enhance manual tasks, a recent study from the IBM Institute of Business Value has shown that organizations implementing AI and automation will require 40% of their workforce to undergo reskilling in the next three years, particularly those in entry-level roles.

Open source technologies

IBM will share its AI learning resources with universities to help upskill and reskill the workforce. The company will offer course materials for faculty to use in their classrooms, including self-guided AI learning paths. In addition to faculty training, IBM will provide students with flexible and adaptable resources, including free online courses on generative AI and Red Hat open-source technologies.

The free coursework aims to empower students to expand their knowledge and skills in AI. Of particular note is the inclusion of AI ethics in addition to AI fundamentals, machine learning, and customer service.

Upon course completion, participants will have the opportunity to earn IBM-branded digital credentials that are recognized by potential employers.