Mary O-Brien, GM, IBM SecurityCybersecurity

IBM Security stresses need to ‘reimagine’ cybersecurity threats

IBM Security reminds organizations, especially those who hastily moved their processes to the cloud, to look into their current security posture. This is one of the key highlights at the IBM Security ASEAN Summit held recently.

In his keynote address, Matthew Glitzer, Vice President, IBM Security, Asia Pacific at IBM, said the tech giant aims to help organizations how to manage complex cyber risks in the new normal and what it means to deliver a holistic data security program that will future-proof security in a quantum world.

According to Mary O’Brien, GM, IBM Security, the impact of security breaches does not concern only the cybersecurity team. The impact in the entire business and in some cases, every aspect of the business. While most companies now recognize that cybersecurity should be among the top priority in decision-making processes, businesses must act on integrating security across every level to ensure that critical data stay protected.

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The need for a more sophisticated security posture has become more urgent with the sudden change in workflows brought by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. But talks on security is not limited to infrastructure and businesses. IBM Security stressed that it must also be embedded in the company’s culture and employees across all ranks and positions must understand the complexity and importance of data security.


John Wheeler, BISO IBM Security and VP of Strategy & Innovation, Services and Integrated Solutions, joined O’Brien in illustrating the urgency of adopting tighter security measures.

Recently, IBM helped enable one of the top 10 largest banks in the world to tap into their massive amount of data to find insights and drive securities for the customers. Partnering with IBM, the bank’s data security team was able to change the perceptions of the rest of the organization, from seeing security as slowing things down to an enabler of the business.

The use of IBM Security Guardium Insights together with data analytics and intelligence across all their cloud environments unlocked the security team’s ability to look at the whole range of attacks and threats opportunities that couldn’t be done before. This improved compliance with data privacy regulations, as well as strengthened customer understanding that drove the business forward to unlock new business opportunities.

IBM Cloud Identity

During the pandemic, one of the largest school districts in the United States deployed IBM Cloud Identity to quickly scale up their remote learning environment and ensured that 2 million students, staff, and parents were able to continue learning and interacting with their educational materials seamlessly and securely.

One of IBM’s clients in Netherlands leveraged IBM’s expertise and technologies to help protect hundreds of billions in pension assets from more than 25,000 employers. They were able to reduce (in some cases avert) their costs by partially outsourcing their Security Operations Centre to IBM’s XForce Threat Management service, which utilized IBM’s expertise, AI, and automation.