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Infrastructure sharing enables EDOTCO to boost connectivity in rural areas

In its efforts to enhance infrastructure sharing among Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), EDOTCO Philippines has formed a partnership with Globe, a telco and digital solutions provider.

This collaboration aims to improve the availability of reliable and affordable 4G and 5G connectivity in communities, businesses, and government agencies, especially in Cebu.

“One of the biggest challenges in providing reliable digital connectivity is proper planning on the placement of infrastructure that is time and cost-efficient,” Suraj Narayanan, country managing director, EDOTCO Philippines, said in a statement. “Infrastructure sharing is the way forward as it will drive holistic telecommunications evolution. EDOTCO’s role is to make next-generation connectivity universally accessible in order to help nations and societies transform digitally, economically and socially.

ISOC-edotco Towers completes common tower for Globe
ISOC edotco readies active installation of tower site in Cavite

With a presence of over 54,000 towers across nine markets, EDOTCO actively advocates for its primary customers, MNOs, by promoting the concept of tower sharing. This approach offers them efficient capital allocation, enabling faster network rollout. 

Savings by employing infrastructure sharing

A study conducted by EDOTCO Group and Roland Berger in 2022 revealed that MNOs could save up to $10 billion through infrastructure sharing, leading to a cumulative savings of up to$67 billion for consumers. According to EDOTCO, tower sharing contributes to sustainable digital connectivity by reducing the carbon footprint by up to 17 million metric tonnes.

According to the two companies, infrastructure sharing has proven to alleviate the cost pressures of tower construction and maintenance for MNOs, allowing them to focus on their core business and innovation. By reducing overlapping sites and increasing the tenancy ratio per tower, the industry will experience a significant reduction in capital expenditure (CAPEX) and annual operating expenses (OPEX).

This aligns with Globe’s commitment to equitable access to quality connectivity while championing network sustainability. 

“Having common infrastructures for sharing will accelerate digital connectivity, which is life-enabling for Filipinos, especially those in remote areas. This is also crucial in promoting network sustainability, for which Globe has been globally recognized,” said Bernard Santos, AVP, Strategic Relationships & Business Development , Network Technical Group, at Globe.

At present, EDOTCO operates approximately 3,000 towers in the Philippines. 

Narayanan emphasized that while the Philippines has made commendable progress in connectivity, studies indicate that about 15% of telecommunication towers in the country overlap, leading to resource duplication and structural inefficiencies. In addition to increasing the number of towers to meet the growing demand, EDOTCO aims to address this issue by reducing the number of overlapping sites through infrastructure sharing. The company plans to introduce innovative solutions and invest in upgrades to support faster, more efficient, and cost-effective shared network infrastructure throughout the country.