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IT-related roles among LinkedIn’s fastest-growing jobs in PH

The digitalization across industries led to the demand for more IT- or tech-related jobs, based on the data from LinkedIn’s Jobs on the Rise report. With data becoming the new currency, companies are now looking for Data Engineers, DevOps Engineers, and Cloud Engineers.

LinkedIn Economic Graph researchers examined millions of jobs started by LinkedIn members from Jan. 1, 2018 to July 31, 2022, to calculate a growth rate for each job title. To be ranked, a job title needed to see consistent growth across our membership base and have grown to a meaningful size by 2022.

“While the economy is likely to be uncertain throughout most of 2023, there are bright spots in the labor market with macro-trends such as the rapid acceleration towards greater digitalization and jobs focused on business growth powering some of the strongest opportunities for job seekers,” said Pooja Chhabria, career expert at LinkedIn.

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The LinkedIn report showed the role of a Data Engineer is dominated mostly by males (68%) and only 32% of females are filling in the role. With consumers getting more comfortable with doing transactions digitally, companies need more applications to serve the growing number of clients.

Cloud management

Software development and software operations help end-user experience, which creates the need for DevOps Engineers, who are tasked with balancing the rollout of new features with maintaining the stability and security of the software. Professional Services, Financial Services, Technology, and Media are the industries that have the most demand for DevOps Engineers. 

As companies modernize their systems and adopt a multicloud approach, the need for cloud engineers is also increasing. Cloud engineers manage a company’s cloud-based systems and are responsible for setting it up, ensuring its stability, implementing updates, and customizing its features to suit end users’ needs. 

There is also a rise in roles in Cybersecurity (Security Operations Center Analyst or Information Security Analyst) considering the need for data protection within the organization. 

Jobs that require data analysis such as Consumer Insights Analyst, Data Insights Analyst, or even Anti-Money Laundering Analyst are also on the rise, based on LinkedIn’s data.

“Professionals must embrace lifelong learning to remain competitive and relevant in the fast-evolving world of work,” LinkedIn said.