Kaspersky opens registration for Secur’IT Cup ’22

Cybersecurity solutions company Kaspersky announces an open call for Secur’IT Cup ’22, the international competition for talented motivated students, and young researchers seeking to change the world of technology by enhancing its security.

With the increasing penetration of digital technology into our lives, the question of how to make them serve our needs without putting our privacy and data at risk remains. In the same way technology rapidly develops, the cybersecurity industry needs to keep pace by offering valid solutions to deal with security challenges.

For the fifth year, Kaspersky is launching its international Secur’IT Cup ’22. This year, the contest offers three key areas requiring new solutions:

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Mobile secure — develop a mobile and smart-watch security project to help people around the world protect their privacy and personal data from mobile attacks and cybercrimes.

Router security — offer new security solutions to protect the “brain” of the IoT (Internet of Things), which manages entire networks of devices either for large industrial plants or at home.

Chess anti-cheating — provide players of a popular chess game with proper detection to protect them from unfair playing.

Family Care

Kaspersky has been continuously supporting chess development, including its further advancement in the digital space and its expansion to online tournaments.

In addition, this year company has a special category: Family Care, with dedicated sections covering different security aspects:

The “Elderly Care” section: security projects that can be related to internet security, a health tracker and any other relevant issues for the elderly.

The “Pet Care” section: for security projects related to both domestic and homeless pets, related to their safety, health, care and other aspects.

The “Finance for family” section: for security projects on financial planning, a cost tracker or any other aspects related to the control of finances for the whole family or for some family members.

Online registration for the competition closes on Nov. 7, 2022. After that, participants will have two weeks more, until Nov. 20, 2022, to submit a detailed project description or research abstract, and project prototype. An expert jury consisting of industry experts and a Kaspersky team will consider all the projects and select a shortlist for the final. Entrants can participate individually or in teams. In addition, the Kaspersky Academy will organize a series of local events in the Asia Pacific, Russia and CIS, and META region to help students get involved in the global competition easily. Dates for these events are to be announced later.

The final event will take place online on Dec. 14, 2022 and the winner will be awarded $10,000. The second-place winners will receive a cover for the professional certification of their choice (i.e. CISSP, CISA, CISM, etc.). Those in third place will be given the opportunity to attend a professional course of their choice on one of the global MOOC-platforms.

Detailed information about the application procedure and deadlines for Secur’IT Cup ’22 can be found on the competition’s official website.