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Kyndryl: Infrastructure as Code to pave way for IT modernization

Kyndryl, an information technology infrastructure services provider, sees that infrastructure as code (IaC) will be crucial in IT development as organizations start the modernization process of their digital infrastructure.

“Whenever we talk about modernization, we are talking primarily of applications that run the business for a particular enterprise,” said Harish Grama, Global Cloud Practice Leader at Kyndryl. 

By leveraging IaC, which is essentially automating the provisioning and the management of the infrastructure, developers can efficiently procure fully documented and versioned infrastructure through the execution of a script. 

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Basically, IaC automates the provisioning of IT infrastructure by using high-level descriptive coding language. Kyndryl sees that this will be one of the trends that would define IT modernization in the coming years.

IaC and DevOps

Simply put, IaC will allow DevOps to create and version infrastructure much the same way as versioning the code only through automation — and at a much faster pace. 

Compared to provisioning traditional IT, IaC eliminates the need to have a physical infrastructure as well as OS software and specialists. IaC revolutionizes the software delivery lifecycle by streamlining provisioning processes and ensuring infrastructure consistency. 

Grama noted that it would be much easier for organizations, for example, banks, to go on buy software that does their banking functions for them rather than building it internally.

IaC enables developers to allocate less time to infrastructure management and focus more on creating innovative, mission-critical software solutions. By automating the provisioning process, IaC frees up valuable resources and enhances overall productivity in developing cutting-edge software solutions.