Lenovo unveils ThinkStation P620 which runs on AMD Ryzen Threadripper

The Lenovo ThinkStation P620 leverages AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper PRO Processor to deliver 64 core workstation platform. Threadripper PRO processors also offer clock speeds up to 4.0GHz, 128 lanes of PCIe 4.0 bandwidth, and 8-channel memory support.

Prior to this launch, traditionally the max core count that a single-CPU system could handle was 18 cores, while the highest a dual-processor system could support was 56. Lenovo said ThinkStation P620 can accomplish tasks in a single CPU workstation.

AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO desktop processors offer advanced security features at the silicon level allowing users to better guard their important data. This includes AMD Secure Processor, validating code before it is executed to help ensure data and application integrity, as well as AMD Memory Guard which enables full memory encryption to help protect sensitive data against advanced physical attacks should a PC be lost or stolen.

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The ThinkStation P620 has flexible GPU configurations, faster memory, quicker storage transfer speeds, and 10GB of built-in Ethernet. It also offers support for up to two NVIDIA Quadro RTX 8000 or four RTX 4000 graphics cards, up to 1TB of memory, and 20TB of storage.

The ThinkStation P620 is designed to work within some of the most demanding professionally managed IT environments and provides essential enterprise-grade features. Lenovo’s rigorous standards and testing, ThinkStation Diagnostics 2.0, ThinkShield support, upgrades to Premier Support, and a three-year warranty, deliver the peace of mind needed to work confidently and more securely.