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Lionsgate Play reveals new brand identity

Lionsgate Play’s revamped identity reinforces its principles of being daring, inclusive, thought-provoking, and empowering while promising a distinctive curated experience. 

The global entertainment brand, known for its premium content curation, introduces its refreshed brand identity across South Asian markets, including the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and India.

“The new identity represents innovation, energy, and excitement; the perfect embodiment of all that we aim to achieve for the brand,” said Rohit Jain, president of Lionsgate Play Asia. “Through this refreshed identity, our goal is to provide premium content that is consistent, original, and bold. We hope our efforts appeal to the viewers and showcase the true essence of what Lionsgate Play is about.”

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Drawing inspiration from a prism, the platform’s new logo embodies multiple perspectives, symbolizing the diverse narratives and multifaceted storytelling approach of Lionsgate Play. The prismatic concept allows for seamless transitions, highlighting the brand’s new hero color, teal, while maintaining its cinematic allure. 

Enhancing user experience

Aligned with this updated identity, Lionsgate Play remains committed to deepening its connection with viewers and providing a seamless and trustworthy entertainment experience.As a brand that advocates for what is just and boldly pursues its goals, Lionsgate Play upholds its core values: relentless bravery, innate inclusivity, purposeful provocation, creative empowerment, and authentic engagement. The brand’s voice goes beyond words; it is consistent, cohesive, recognizable, and unique, forging a strong bond with the audience and fostering trust and familiarity.

In addition to the revamped identity, Lionsgate Play focuses on enhancing the user experience with an advanced interface, ensuring smooth navigation, faster app loading times, and improved stability, all contributing to a polished streaming experience.

Amit Dhanuka, executive vice president of Lionsgate, echoed the brand’s commitment to presenting captivating narratives from unique perspectives, broadening horizons for audiences worldwide. The new brand identity reflects the core values of Lionsgate Play and its multifaceted storytelling approach, inspiring the best possible viewing experience for its viewers.