MediaTek develops AI-processor for IoT devices

The biggest change in the Internet of Things (IoT) is the shift of data processing from the cloud to the edge. This is happening hand-in-hand with the rapid advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is reforming almost every industry in the world, including IoT.

As edge devices are becoming more capable they are embracing AI processing, which has created the flourishing AIoT industry, these allow more nuanced devices that offer a number of benefits such as:

Faster response times: Processing information locally on a device, rather than sending information to the cloud, reduces the lag time for a better user experience.

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Growing demand for user privacy and data protection: Users are sharing more and more information with their devices, making privacy and data protection more of a concern. Edge AI processing minimizes security risks by keeping information on a device, instead of sending it back and forth to the cloud.

Need for ubiquitous function availability: Edge AI allows consumers to use smart functions on their devices even when they are not connected to the Internet.

Ease connection requirements: Statista predicts that by 2025 there will be over 75 billion IoT devices installed worldwide. This continuous growth of data created by Internet-connected devices has been posing a challenge for network infrastructure; processing information at the edge reduces the burden on networks.

Situational or environmental awareness: Enabling each device to make decisions in real-time based on what’s happening around them. For example, building management services that react to different hotspots of temperature and humidity, or smart cities where traffic signals react to changes in traffic flows or street lights that act according to local brightness or the presence of people.

High-performance SoC

MediaTek is one of the few companies globally that is enabling true AIoT devices thanks to its unique capability in highly energy-efficient, high-performance SoCs, its development of an industry-leading AI processor for embedded devices, and its unmatched global ecosystem of partners.

MediaTek’s AIoT program can be applied to home, enterprise, industrial, healthcare, retail, cities, or any other IoT-driven spaces. It is spurring AI innovation from startups and emerging brands up to large enterprises and the biggest names, with the aim of designing a wide range of AIoT devices for new user experiences and new market opportunities.

It’s easier than ever to get a new idea off the ground. Simply start with one of the ‘Pumpkin’ hardware development kits, choose from the wide range of peripheral add-ons, connectivity, and variety of software stack. From there, product developers can then embrace MediaTek’s huge AIoT partner ecosystem that includes a range of global ODMs, IDHs, design services, and much more, driving design as far as desired.

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