Mitsubishi develops cyber-attack detection technology for cars

Mitsubishi Electric Corp., a Japanese car manufacturing and electronics company, unveiled a cyber-attack detection technology meant to thwart any attacks on cars.

The company takes into consideration the threats on using cloud solutions, which led to the development of this new technology. Car manufacturers have been incorporating new technological features that meant data are stored in the cloud and users must be connected to the internet to maximize these features.

In its website, Mitsubishi cited the research done the company did with NTT that resulted in the feature “functional encryption.” In its corporate website, the car firm explained that the specific form of functional encryption called “attribute-based encryption” is incorporated into the ciphertext itself, a function that restricts access rights to the ciphertext.

In a nutshell, researchers developed multilayer security that would make it laborious for any hacker to go through. The company is known for its encrypted algorithm technology called MISTY, which is a registered trademark for Mitsubishi.

“Our attribute-based encryption is able to incorporate into the ciphertext conditional sentences that restrict access rights and attribute information, as well as the key that decrypts the ciphertext itself,” the company explained in its corporate website. “Attribute information might include a company name, department, and position, while conditional sentences will apply terms such as AND, OR, or NOT to access rights.”

The technology is aimed at protecting the head unit as well as the car’s link to the internet. More importantly, the technology will protect the control system.

The attribute-based encryption will be extended to searchable and attribute-based signatures. The multi-defense encryption will ensure that the integrity of the software.

With the number of self-driving cars increasing every year, the amount of data it will produce is expected to be staggering. The current security defenses are no longer enough for organizations as criminal hackers always find a way to go through a company’s system. This is one of the driving forces for Mitsubishi to develop the technology not only to protect the data but also for safety purposes. Software can be altered remotely and this can be dangerous on the road.

Image by Gerald Altman/Pixabay

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