Money management tips to keep your finances on track

The best way to jumpstart your financial journey is to be smarter at managing your finances. Before you begin, it is important to ensure that you have a vision and action plan on how you’d like to keep your finances healthy and growing.

Filipino fintech company, Cashalo, recommends adopting smart money management practices and taking advantage of digital credit solutions to help you develop responsible financial management habits.

Cashalo shares some easy tips to help you on your way to better financial well-being.

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The 50/30/20 Budgeting Rule

Budgeting can sometimes be overwhelming but the 50/30/20 Budgeting Rule makes things simple. This rule offers an easy method to help you with managing your finances wisely – allocate 50% of your income on your basic needs like food, and utilities; 30% on your wants like shopping, travel plans, and hobbies; and 20% on your savings. This not only teaches you discipline but also gives you an easier time to map out your budget plan, and ensures that your monthly income is spent equally in terms of importance and benefits.

The Automatic Savings Plan

Saving money is best when you’re half-aware that you’re actually doing it. This is how the Automatic Savings Plan works to help you with your finances because all you have to do is automatically deposit a fixed amount of money into your savings account at specified intervals. You’ll have no time to second-guess your decisions with this savings plan; hence, you can keep your savings steadily flowing without having to manually deposit funds into your respective bank accounts.

The “Shop Now and Pay Later” Digital Credit Solutions

Often important big-ticket items such as appliances or office supplies to improve your home or grow your business are hard to accommodate. However, with innovative customer-friendly digital credit solutions that enable mindful expenditure over-time, these investments can now be made hassle-free. For example, Cashalo’s “Shop Now and Pay Later” is a digital consumer-financing product that allows you to shop for multiple items without having to worry about paying the total amount at the point of sale. Instead, you can buy these items on credit and settle the amount in easy, transparent monthly installments, depending on the most convenient payment schedule for you. What’s even better is through the Cashalo app, you can get pre-approved for a fixed amount to better plan your purchases, and ensure that you don’t spend beyond your financial capacity.

With the right mindset and discipline, you can build your own financial future – one that is filled with the stability you need and the freedom you want. Cashalo designed a financial literacy program called Cash Academy aimed at delivering a holistic and practical overview of sound financial management to help Filipinos become financially aware and responsible.

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