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Ninja Van Philippines ramps up innovation with opening of new hub

Tech-enabled logistics company Ninja Van is accelerating automation and other operational improvements as it marks its sixth anniversary in the Philippines.

Earlier this year, Ninja Van Philippines (NVPH) opened its 21,000-square-meter fully automated hub in Cabuyao, Laguna. With fully integrated measurement and sortation systems, it is Ninja Van Group’s largest automated hub in the region, boosting receiving and outbound capacities by 300% and 400% respectively.

The double-deck cross belt system (CBS) and wheel sorter system (WSS) in the Cabuyao hub can automatically weigh, measure, and scan parcels, with speeds of up to 2.2 meters per second. They can also provide real-time parcel data, increasing accuracy and efficiency in sorting and parcel tracking.

Ninja Van Philippines opens new hub in Novaliches
Ninja Van supports SMEs in sustaining digital adoption

“These tech-driven innovations drive our mission to bring speedy deliveries and easy issue resolution for our shippers, whose trust and partnership enabled us to grow in the last six years,” said Vin Perez, COO, Ninja Van.

$50-million investment

The company has expanded its headcount to 8,000, providing nationwide delivery coverage and benefitting more than 21 million shoppers.

Launched in 2014, the Ninja Van Group first started operations in Singapore as a last-mile logistics company, rapidly expanding to key Southeast Asian markets and establishing a footprint in the Philippines in 2016. The Group recently announced a $50-million investment in automation technology and systems in key regional parcel sorting hubs, which include the Cabuyao hub.

Seen to be completed by the second half of 2024, these region-wide parcel-handling improvements are expected to increase the Group’s overall operational productivity by 50%.

“We also take note of our customers’ feedback and use them to guide our improvements,” said Sabina Lopez-Vergara, chief commercial officer of Ninja Van. “Together with our operational innovation, we implemented focused customer support as well as dedicated account management to continue providing improved shipper experiences.”

Ninja Van Logistics+

Ahead of its sixth anniversary, Ninja Van Philippines also opened a 5,000-square-meter hub in Novaliches, Quezon City to help cater to delivery requirements in north Metro Manila as well as Central and Northern Luzon from big e-commerce platforms and micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) alike.

Ninja Van’s Logistics+ provides a suite of supply chain management solutions for MSMEs across the region, helping them navigate the complex and ever-changing networks of suppliers, manufacturing partners, transportation providers, and financial service providers. Logistics+ now benefits some 30,000 MSMEs in Southeast Asia.

“The pandemic has accelerated the shift to digital, and while the reopening of physical marketplaces are seen to have some effect on online buying behavior, we have never seen better prospects for the e-commerce and logistics sectors,” noted Perez. “With our todo hustle, no hassle commitment, we are excited for the many opportunities and challenges that lie ahead,” he added.

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