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Onfido launches latest facial biometric technology

Onfido, a global digital identity verification and authentication provider, introduced Motion, a next generation biometric liveness solution to enhance its Real Identity Platform.

With a simple head-turn capture, businesses can automate customer onboarding, assess more customers, more quickly and efficiently while significantly reducing their fraud exposure.

Motion is built on Onfido’s AI (artificial intelligence) technology, Atlas. User bias is reduced across all ethnicities as Motion leverages Onfido’s machine learning models. These models have been trained to identify hundreds of thousands of fraud samples and analyze different elements of an identity document and facial biometric to stop fraud and reduce bias.

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The Onfido Real Identity Platform is designed to secure trust between organizations and their customers throughout the customer lifecycle. It automatically verifies a customer’s identity using a smart combination of document and biometric verification, trusted data sources, and passive fraud signals. With the addition of Motion, 95% users can now be onboarded in 10 seconds or less, with false rejection rates and false acceptance rates of less than 0.1%.

Onfido customer usage of biometrics has increased 160% year-over year as more companies want to safeguard their businesses, while providing the best user experience possible. The market-leading compliance platform Amiqus used to digitally onboard staff welcomed Motion: